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To produce the high quality global standard Coffee while empowering the statke holders, impacting communities to create a brighter future for all while showcasing the unique flavors of Mt Elgon's coffee."


"To be a leading and globally recognized coffee cooperative, admired for our commitment to our core values, positive change in the coffee industry, while preserving the natural beauty and richness of the Mt Elgon region."


Sustainability, Integrity, Social Responsibility, Quality Excellence, Innovation, Fair Trade and Ethical Practices, Community Collaboration, Cultural Respect, Customer Focus, Continuous Improvement.


Empowering farmers, producing Best-Quality coffee, and increasing household income on Mt. Elgon.

Mt Elgon Agroforestry Communities Cooperative Enterprise Ltd  (MEACCE) is a farmer – owned Secondary tier/level organization owned by 12 primaries with a combined membership of 3,033 farmers (700 females, 72 youth) that produces certified (FTO/RA) Washed Bugisu Arabica Coffee grown on the slopes of Mt Elgon with the mandate
to increase farmer household income.

Why Choose Us

We are committed to delivering the best for our clients, investors and members.

Ethical Practices

We are committed to only ethical practices in coffee production.


We offer full traceability of our coffees, from the farm to the cupping lab.

Best Quality Coffee

We conduct thorough quality tests at different stages of production.

Community Impact

Social projects & Initiatives that impact our local community.

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Aromatic Coffee

Enjoy Rich Flavours from the Slopes of Mt Elgon

Its not just the high-quality, unique coffee, Its supporting sustainable and ethical practices, Fair Trade certifications, and positive social impact in the supply chain.