Coffee Profile

Coffee at MEACCE

At MEACCE we take quality as a heart of our business and we have prepared our farmers and staff adequately in these aspects. The quality process, the coffee undergoes quality tests at home stead, primary store, and at MEACCE stores including cup analysis before it is bought.

Altitude : 1,300 – 2,100

Varieties: Nyasaland, SL14

FT Total Area of production: 2,495Ha

Growing practices: 100% Organic

Harvest: September – January

Process type: Farm washed and sun dried – 70%,

Micro wet processed – 28%

Naturals – 2%

Quality and Productivity

Quality and productivity are core values of the MEACCE and Fair Trade (FT) standard. Quality and productivity projects are being implemented using premium and in collaboration with development partners. Capacity building trainings on good agricultural practice in coffee, manure and compost preparation, strengthening internal control/ management system, maintenance, and coffee nurseries have been established to improve on the quality. Coffee drying trays, tarpaulins, and quality equipments have been acquired using the premiums.

Key Challenges
  • Climate change
  • Own storage and processing
  • Sustainability
  • Market access